WebGL 1 to 2 Changes: Part 1

In the upcoming posts, we will cover the changes in WebGL between version 1 and 2. Rather then overwhelm with the complete changeset, for this first post I will show how to update an existing example to the newer version of WebGL.

Starting with the Julia Set example, we will alter the code to work using WebGL 2.

WebGL 2: Julia Set

New posts coming shortly

It has been years since this site had updated content. I plan to write some new posts soon, introducing WebGL 2.0 changes, and some new examples. Stay tuned!

Using glMatrix 2.0+ with the Book Code

The version of the glMatrix library I used when writing the book was 1.3.2. The current version which you grabbed is 2.0+. It is mentioned at http://glmatrix.net/ that the newer version is unfortunately not backwards compatible.

The fixes to use the new version is usually adding an extra function argument such as changing:

Free Sample - Chapter 3 : Textures & Lighting

Chapter 3 is offered as a free downloadable PDF.

Kuwahara Filter implementation

The Kuwahara filter combines noise reduction (blurring) with edge preservation.

Kuwahara Polar Bear